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X. Expected Results

a. This will be the world's first genuine low-cost decentralized financial application of large scale. In accordance with M-pesa's guidelines: retail stores are allowed to act as bank outlets, and banking services cover all residents in the area.

b. According to the concept of "UBI", a universal medical insurance network covering 50,000 to 100,000 people will initially be developed with a participation rate of over 50%. The network will be constructed through a non-threshold consumption model.

c. Use blockchain technology to build a global transparent charity donation network. The mission of SINSO BOX is to lift at least 1 billion people in undeveloped areas out of poverty, bringing new hope and gospel to underdeveloped countries, so as to build Chia's largest application of man’s livelihood.

The vision of SINSO BOX coincides with that of Chia, which is to build a green world of digital currency. In addition to probing into the protection of the environment, climate, rare animal protection, etc., Chia has also forged a partnership with the Costa Rican government over the use of blockchain technology in climate protection. Driven by both parties’ mission and vision, SINSO BOX and Chia will work closely together to create a win-win situation.

SINSO BOX is a system designed for mankind’s next 100 years. It has strong vitality and can serve at least 1 billion people in the world. It is a phenomenal product of large-scale collaboration in human society.