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XI. The Open Source Protocol Adopted by SINSO BOX

SINSO BOX will adopt Apache Licence 2.0 as the open-source protocol. The Apache license is inclusive because it does not force derivative and modified products to be released under the same license, different from some copyright licenses. But it still requires:

a) the same license to be applied to all unmodified parts;

b) in each license file, any original copyrights, patents, trademarks, and attribution notices in the redistributed code must be preserved (there is no need to include any part of derivative works);

c) in each modified license file, a notice must be added stating that the file has been changed.

SINSO BOX adopts the Apache Licence 2.0 as its open-source protocol with the hope that those who use the source code should respect the creators team. Even if the source code is used for commercial purposes, there is no need to pay.