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XII. Pilot Program in South Asia

The main challenge of the task lies in the way and mentality we should adopt to cooperate with a country. To gain as much help as possible, we must purpose to sincerely serve the local economy and benefit local people. In this way, our work will build everyone's awareness of and confidence in SINSO.

Step 1: Find local partners and agents to acquire at least 10,000 mining machines. This issue can be easily solved if the partner has its own cooperative merchants. And particularly, it is important to choose a suitable pilot area.

Step 2: We will cooperate with the government to include the fund pool into compliance supervision, earn support from the government and academia, and mobilize collaboration between universities and institutions on secondary development of localized services based on this open-source architecture.

Step 3: Complete at least 100 insurance reimbursement cases and promote them through government media. This helps to enhance the brand image of the entire project.

By developing hundreds of partners and acting in accordance with standardized procedures, we will achieve success.