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IV. Current Overview

1.Current Source of Funds#

At the initial stage, we will raise about 300,000 US dollars on our own as the initial investment for the project. This year, we will launch our fundraising plan in the pilot area (the first pilot area may be Karachi or other places in South Asia).

2.Current Personnel Investment & Received Honors#

In addition to the founding management team, we have 5 staff in the development team, including 2 backends, 1 frontend, 1 UI, and 1 product manager. Our CEO, CBO, CFO, and CTO will coordinate and integrate international resources and conduct fundraising. In the actual work of publicity and fundraising, some other partners will continue to join our projects.


Filecoin Frontier Accelerator, Global Top 11 Filecoin Grant (2021.02)

Crust Grant (2021,06)

Wanxiang Hackathon, SINSO's medical big data product DicomNetwork has entered the final (2021.08)

Chia Hackathon Global, Top 3, Asia (2021.09)

Honors obtained by the precursor of SINSO technical team:

  1. The first batch of Ethereum spark node builders and the earliest programming certification of Ethereum (2016)

  2. Blockchain Medical Insurance Solution Award (2019)

We and some well-known research institutions have established web3medicallabs,

3.Guarantee of Current Project Support#

As an open-source project initiated by SINSO, SINSO BOX has continuous funding support from the SINSO Foundation to do technology research and development. As a Filecoin Layer2 project, SINSO is a great contributor to the Filecoin ecology. All the accumulation of SINSO in Filecoin will become favorable support for SINSO BOX.